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SuperPeel demo

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SuperPeel demo

I found this site surfing the web to learn about pizza and bread baking. I never realized there would be a problem transferring a pizza to a hot stone without destroying the shape and splattering it like road-kill all over my clean oven. Corn meal was not working either. Not to mention how many times I have seared my knuckles on burner-elements or caught my long hair in the oven door...*sigh*...yes I am cursedly clumsy, to all you who are blessed with a flour-thumb. Reading through the posts I found Pizzameister's advice on a SuperPeel and to check out the videos demonstrating its use. Further intriqued, I checked Cooks Illustrated on line to see if they had a review and sure enough here's their last paragragh:

"But if you're willing to spend an extra $15, we recommend the Super Peel, which is simply a regular wooden peel outfitted with a pastry cloth that's threaded through the board like a conveyor belt. When well floured, the cloth proved to be essentially nonstick. It practically guarantees a perfectly round pizza and has a gentle touch with bread loaves. We bought ours from Exoproducts for $33.95, (518-371-3173,

Does it work like the video on the site? You bet!!! The first pizza went on my hot stone without a hitch, it was hysterically fun. On went the second and the third, each remaining 100 percent intact. How much simpler could it be? And if I can do it the very first time, oh please...

What's the quality of board? It's beautiful hard-rock maple and comparing it to what I saw at high-end retailers was worth that extra $10. It is ultra-smooth, with perfect cut-outs and a great pastry cloth with clips. Slipping the cloth through and setting up is 1-2-3. I would buy this again in a heart-beat, but it's already MINE! No more store bought pizza!