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Hello from the Philippines

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Hello from the Philippines

Hello everyone, I am very happy to be part of this group. I'm a panadera (baker) and I live in the Philippines. I am interested in all food--related things, including cooking and food science but my passion is in bread making. I look forward to sharing ideas and recipes with everyone.

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Welcome.  I am rather new to the site, but check in every now and again.  I love bread making AND orchids!  I just bought 5 new orchid plants yesterday.  I have a dear friend who is half Filipino, half English.  Her mother was (deceased) from the Philippines.  She just gave me 3 pictures last week of orchids growing wild in her aunts backyard.  Anyway, how is the bread making down there with your temperatures and humidity?  What kind of bread do you like?  I live in South Carolina.  Monica 

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Wow, orchids :) I love orchids also. My mother has some lovely ones at home and more in our province in Cavite. Because of the humidity here it doesnt take long to bake bread :) but it can be a challenge to stay cool in the kitchen, but I love it. My favorites always change, right now I am obsessed about Cuban bread, last week it was Spanish style breads. By the way, Monica what are the types of breads most associated with your State? In my case it's usually Pan de Sal and Ensaimada. Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome and I am really pleased to meet you :)

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Hi- Very nice to meet you! I live in the mountains of Colorado and there is nothing but very mediocre breads or really expensive bread- (that is still nowhere near as good as the breads i grew up back East (Philly) so i have been experimenting.

My mother is from the Phillipines- but, she can't cook at all! Anyway, i love Ensaimada and only have it ocassionally when i go back to the East Coast. I actually attempted one for the first time last week. It was pretty good but, much heavier than the "real" ones i have had. I chose a recipe that used ALOT less eggs and cut out about half the butter... and that didn't need molds- Basically, the most simple recipe i could find.  There are MANY versions! It looked pretty though. I was wondering if you had a great recipe and maybe some tips on how to make it.

I would love to surprise my mother with some "authentic" Ensaimada! Looking forward to picking your brain!

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It's great to have foreigners to share their experiences. I live in France and things are very different over here, too.