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Pretzel Bread

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Pretzel Bread

So, I'm the office baker (I love to bake and live alone, so I bring the goodies into the office so I don't eat it all myself!), and recently someone tossed out the idea of pretzel bread.

I hadn't heard of it before and was wondering if I just need to use a good pretzel recipe and shape the dough into loaf instead of pretzels, or if there is an actual pretzel bread recipe floating around out there. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks much!

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Redundancy is your friend, so is redundancy

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Here's a link to a blog entry about pretzel bread making.  Unfortunately she doesn't provide the recipe, but it has some great photos.

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Thanks to both of you; can't wait to give this a shot.

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Mini Oven

Individual long rolls HERE

Big round huge fat rolls HERE

I would try using a favorite bread recipe and make it prezel style.  That is; into the soda water and then into the oven.  It's the soda that makes the flavor.

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Galley Wench

 These are wonderful . . . and perfect for taking to the office!   A lot of fun to make too!

 Note:  Put the baking soda in the COLD water, BEFORE it boils, otherwise you'll have a big mess!

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