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Hello and thanks

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Hello and thanks

Hello everyone,

I've been lurking for several months, and decided I ought to finally register -- partly because I have some questions to ask, but also partly to thank all of you for all of the information you've shared.  I've learned a great deal here, and the fact that I haven't registered before now says a lot for how much information there is on this site.

I made my first loaf of bread around four years ago, but it's only within the past year or so that I've been baking more regularly.  My particular interest is in whole-grain and multigrain breads, but I do enjoy white bread as well.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I got my first bread cookbook a few months ago (The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book) and only then realized how much I was doing wrong.  My results have since improved dramatically, although of course there is always much more to learn.

So hello to everyone, and thank you all for sharing your knowledge.  I will be posting a couple of specific questions shortly, but wanted to introduce myself first.