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Russian Coffee Cake

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Russian Coffee Cake

i have been kind of bussy the last few weeks but i finaly have some time

someone asked me about russian coffee cake so since i am making some right now iand had some time here it is

before i start again i am sorry for the amounts but a ka 5 or 6 quart should handle 1/2 the mix without a problem

Water 2 lb
yeast 8 oz cake or 4 oz dry
bread flour 2 lb

mix this very well using the flat beater.  it will be stiff at first but will get slacker and smoth as it mixes dont rush the mixing but speed 2or 4 should be used (on a ka)

let rise well till it falls back it should only take about 30 minutes


sugar 1LB 8oz
salt 1 1/4 oz
Skim milk powder 4 oz
Vanilla 1oz

Cardamom 1/4oz
orange and lemon flavor or rind or if you have oil 1/2 oz each
Butter Flavor (optional to enhance what comes soon) 1/2 oz
eggs whole 12 oz
egg yolks 12 oz
bread flour 3 Lb

Mix this at speed 2 till just mixed to a rough dough  THEN

Pour in a slow steady streem

Melted (not Hot) Butter 2 LB

when all the butter is added turn the mixer up to speed 4 or 6

beat all this using the flat beater untill the dough comes mostly clean from the bowl and clings to the beater. it will do this don't rush

let the finished dough (very soft)rise well

your pan size will determin the next step

take a piece of the risen dough and roll it thin and line the bottom of youe pan with it

wash with more mellted butter and sprinkel with cinnamon sugar and rasines

roll out the rest of the dough thin and wash it with more melted butter sprinkel on more cinnamon sugar and cake crumbs (if you have some) and rasines.

roll the dough up as for cinnamon buns but only make them about 1 inch thick.

place the 1 inch thick strips into the pan lind with the dough about 1 \2 inch apart when all the strips are in the pan flaten them out so they almost touch each other (if they touch thats ok)

some people at this point place some cherry and pinapple pie type filling inbetween the strips.

cut accross the strips with a scraper at 1 inch spaces at a depth of about half way down forming a kind of graff paper look.

allow to rise to about 3\4 proof and wash again with melted butter (this is not for you that are watching your fats)  or egg wash sprinkel the top with crumb(struessel) topping or nuts and cinamon suger and allow to rise a little more (10-15 minutes)

bake at 340-350F

Struessel toping

one part by wieight sugar white brown or mixed

one part by wieght of shortening or butter or mixed

honey a few ounces to taste

two parts of flour

cinnimon to taste

cream the suger honey and the fats till soft and light

mix in the flour by hand untill you get the size crumbs you want.

enjoy i am off to check my dough!

[just thought i would add some notes]

this dough will work best with fresh cake yeast if you can get it

you can also use the dough for babka using 12-14 oz of the dough for a 1 pound loaf pan and you can fill it with chocolet, cheese prune butter (lekvar) or just about any filling you like.

if you use the nuts and do not want to use the cinamon suger on the top after baking you can wash the top with a simple syurp made by boiling 1 cup of sugar with 3/4 cup water for a minute or two

you can flavor this with slices of orange, lemon or a spoon of aproct jam boiled with the syrup it will keep in the fridg for 6 months so safe the unused pard of the syrup for other sweets.

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louis lichtman. afraid i'm gonna have to wait until next weekend to make it though.

Norm, you're the best.


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The Russian Coffeecake really sounds great, Norm.  I plan to make it as a surprise for my Russian sister-in-law.  She has a sweettooth that won't stop!

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Norm, this is incredible -- the same wonderful coffee cake I used to get in NYC. I did make a couple of changes, though --- first, I halved your recipe, which still gave me enough for the coffee cake and a chocolate babka (not very pretty but great taste), and second, I substituted skim milk for water in the sponge and left out the powdered milk in step 2.

Between my wife and my friends, the cake's just about gone, but it will be back!!

Thanks, again,


Norm's Russian Coffee Cake -- Nuts and Cinnamon Sugar Topping

Norm's Russian Coffee Cake -- Nuts and Cinnamon Sugar Topping

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Another one for the "to do" list. I have a question about the directions. You roll it cinnamon bun style about 1" thick. Does that mean to make logs of dough 1" in diameter? Thanks

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yes ...most of the time when you make buns you would roll them up into 2 inch logs for this after you fill them with the cinn sugar you would make small one inch logs and then cut the logs so thay fit your pan filing the pan from end to end then cut them in sections .

the cuts are for look and alows the pieces to grow un even should one section be larger that the other the cut will let them grow up and not push the rest of that log causing crowding

if you look at the one stan made you will see a few sections grew a bit higher  they were a bit biger and grew taller instead of sideways kind of a pressure release valve

the one stan made looks like it came out of a baking textbook

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Stan you got it!!!   food is not for eating its for social interaction...

getting togeter with people you care about and talking about the days events. Thats what started me doing this and i wonder how many peoples lifes i touched inderictly with my baking.

Now as i get older i understand that food is memories .  tasting that flavor that you havent tasted for years brings up memories that you thought were long forgoten.

I allways wanted a glamor job so for two years i left baking and took a class for Emergency Medical Tech and worked on an ambulance (where i met my wife)

Well i still baked and after a while i started to get approched by people that i never met but knew me ( Hay your that EMT pastry chef)

that still happens today so i guess my food must have been assocated with someones  memories   what more can i ask for.

i found this board and post the formulas in the hope that by making them and tasting them again will bring back memories of simpler happer days. 

what job is better than that

i finish with a quote   "if you ever are looking for your hearts desire don't look past your own back yard because if it's not there you never lost it in the first place"

Judy Garland the wizerd of oz