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Refrigerator for pizza business

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Refrigerator for pizza business

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is Okay. I'm new to this forum.
I run a small pizza business, and the refrigerator in my shop has stopped working since Yesterday. Earlier, a buzzing sound was coming from it. But as the sound stopped after some time, I didn't take it seriously. And this happened. The refrigerator is not cooling, and I couldn't understand the problem. Anyway, I have decided to replace it as it required frequent repair works. My sales are down these days, and I have a tight budget. So it will not be affordable to buy a new one. Will buying a used commercial refrigerator do the work? I know we have to check thoroughly before buying a used one. What are the things we should consider before buying a second-hand refrigerator? If anyone knows, kindly share your thoughts.


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I have been told not to buy used refrigeration equipment because it usually needs to be serviced. That being said, all of my upright refrigeration was purchased used, and 4 out of 5 units work pretty well (5th unit is broken completely). True is a very good brand and a refurbished model should be just fine. The only issue I ever get with mine is the starter in the compressor gets dusty and I have to clean it out sometimes or else it will stop cooling.

You will want to clean out the evaporator coils monthly of flour and dust. I use either a vacuum or compressed air. The refrigeration technician told me to clip a chamois or filter material over the coils and replace it each month. Not cleaning out the coils will cause the compressor to overwork and break before it ought to when run clean. It saves a lot of money in the long run.


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are work horses and you will see lots of 40+ year old units out there. A new compressor is expensive, evaporator is expensive and both are hard judge how much life is in them. Easy things to inspect is the door seals, signs of mold in the fridge, when it runs does it make unusual noise, does it actually bring the temp down. In the end anything used without a written warranty is a gamble, if they give you 30 day warranty it can give you some peace of mind.