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Hello from Seattle!

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Hello from Seattle!

Hello everyone, 

I have been a frequent visitor to the site (and even an occasional commenter), and now I'm finally formally introducing myself.

I have been baking bread in Seattle for about a year. Funny, but it all started with a failed attempt at focaccia from Mario Batali's book. The frustration of that public failure (I had a dinner party that night) made me dive into bread baking. Having no interest in sandwich loaves, I went right for artisan breads and haven't looked back since. One thing lead to another, and by now my bread baking book collection has officially surpassed my vast collection of Italian cookbooks. My skills have improved as well, I must say :-) 

It is great to know that there are so many people passionate about bread baking! I look forward to expanding my knowledge and sharing my future failures and successes.


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I started my collection of bread books with The Great Canadian Bread Book by Janice Murray Gill, long since out of print and not available anywhere online, and have expanded to over 50 bread books, on top of my over 300 other baking and cooking books.  I love baking bread, and have only recently gone back to trying sourdough.  My other starters died natural deaths, once after an attempt at freezing.  You're quite right about finding other people who are as passionate about baking bread as you yourself are; I wish I'd had a computer years ago.