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Easter Rabbit

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Easter Rabbit

These are some pages from a very old small publacation from the retail Bakers Asoc.

this is so old there is no copyright date in the book so i am summing that is is now in public domin

sorry it is so late but this week has been crazy and its not over yet.  i don'e think i'll have much time till the middle of next week.

the link is to a pdf file that should open in your browser. the second page shows first (my bad)

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buns of steel

Thanks so much nbi! I'm going to make it, for "spring."

Have you made it?  If so, what type of dough?  The recipe says "lean coffee cake dough.  If too rich a dough is used finished product will be too dark in color and will not bake out properly."

Do you think I'm better to just go with a basic un-enriched dough, or a slightly enriched.  I was contemplating Richard Bertinet's "Sweet dough" which is as he says a cross between white bread and brioche, not too sweet, balanced in between so you could put it with either bacon or a tuna sandwich, or with chocolate.

formula is

9 oz whole milk

1/2 ounce fresh yeast

17.5 oz bread flour

2 oz butter

1-1/2 oz sugar

2 t salt

2 eggs.

Hmmh, now on second thought it sounds like that may be too rich, may get too brown on outside?

Any thoughts or suggestions on a dough formula for this one? 

Thanks again for your generosity with your time and knowledge!

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suger     3 oz
skim milk powder   1oz
salt  1/4 oz
shortening 3 oz
mace  small pinch

eggs 2oz  (1 LARGE EGG)

yeast 1 oz cake or 1/2 dry
water 2 oz

water 6 oz

cake flour (softasilk--purasnow) 4 oz  or presto not self rising
bread flour 12 oz

dissolve the yeast in the part of the water and set aside

put the rest in your mixer and add the yeast-water on top of the flour

mix to a smoth dough

you can use half ap and half bread if you dont have cake flour but use a good ap like heckers un bleached

the dough should come clean from the sides of the mixer