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Hi from China!

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Hi from China!

One month or so lurker here!

 I'm originally from the States, California, but I'm here baking/working/studying in Shanghai.  Baking can be pretty difficult here- ingredients are expensive, and all I have to work with is my large toaster oven!  Regardless, I've had a chance to bake a few things, mostly using whole wheat flour.  This bread here was my first done with white flour and a poolish- I used the "My Daily bread" recipe and it worked great!


I don't know that much about baking (I've only been baking for about a month!), but I hope I can learn quickly :) 

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looks like something you've accomplished! Good for you. You'll find Mini Oven a wealth of info..she has done her fair share of baking in China. Good luck, keep us posted!

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Mini Oven

Click on the "add to favorites"  (I have) and we can keep this thread going without loosing it.

I'm very familiar with baking with the local flour not imported that is more available in the big cities.  It is a cheaper alternative too.  Good luck on your baking, I've got a loaf in the oven now, beeping at me...give it 5 more minutes and then it's really brown!   It's the Rustic Bread mentioned to the left.  

Careful passing out Easter Eggs in China, Chinese traditional way of announcing that you're pregnant.  

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