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Seeded Sourdough

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March 17, 2008 - 12:23pm -- pincupot

Seeded Sourdough. I am posting for comments - does the crust look right? Is the color correct? Does the rise from the cuts look ok? After reading Nancy Silverton's book, "Breads from LaBrea Bakery," I wonder if my crust isn't rich enough looking and whether my slashes are not formed properly (too sharp, not enough rise, etc.) Any comments?

The bread is wonderfully tasty. If I put water in a dish in the oven at the beginning of the bake, the crust is rock-hard. If I only spray water in (gas oven), I get a wonderful thin, crispy crust that cuts nicely. I love baking!

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Submitted by Paddyscake on

Love the seeds!! There is nothing wrong with the crust's color.  Some people do like a more caramelized appearance. It really is up to you. Many things can affect the way your loaves look..the activity of your starter, what type of flour you're using, whether it is over or under proofed. I think you loaf looks just fine. You might want to take a look in the lessons. I do remember Floyd has one on how the direction of your slashes can make a big difference in appearance. Keep posting!

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Submitted by staff of life on

I make this one too--I love it!  I think because of the long fermentation times, and the large portion of sourdough, the crust isn't going to brown that much, unless you use barley malt syrup (which I think she recommends).

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Submitted by pincupot on

THank you for your comments. I have been thinking about ordering some barley malt syrup and may just do that. I should post a picture of the crumb... and now that the bread has cooled and I cut it open, I will.

By the way, I like to put cumin seeds, rather than fennel seeds, on the loaf. It makes such a wonderful flavor! I wonder why cumin seeds are not used as much in baking (at least the recipes I see in most of my books...).