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helping with rye grains

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helping with rye grains

Hello there,


I am writing here asking for a help with rye grains,

I have a batch of 8-9kg of dark rye grains and I am storing them in room temperature (85-90F),

and I discovered that my grains has infected with grains weevils (as showing down in photos) and I have no idea about what can I do with this huge amount of grains!!

 So please What would all recommend me ? any one has the same thing before ?

How can I get rid of these  weevils and reuse my grains ? or just throw them away ?


waiting for all your comments!!







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You can kill the weevils by putting the grain in a freezer for a couple of weeks.  Their bodies will still be present in the grain.  You can leave them (more protein!) or attempt to screen them out.