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Alan Scott Oven Plans and how to build.

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Alan Scott Oven Plans and how to build.

Hello All,

I guess 5 or so years ago I offered on another thread to send people the plans that Alan Scott made for building ovens.  I sent the link out for years.  Then I had a couple people tell me I was infringing on copyright and they would come after me and I quit sending it.  I have looked.  You can not buy the plans any more and I can not find any where else online that you can get it.  So, I am going to leave the link in this post.  Should someone come after me again I will take it down.  I am not looking for money.  I am not selling the plans.  I am sharing that which can not be found.  The link is

That being said.  The plans will only get you so far.  I HIGHLY recommend if you want to build one on your own to purchase From The Wood Fired Oven by Richard Miscovich.  He has a couple pictures in there that are worth the price of the book.  He also has info on newer materials, like fire blankets, that are more efficient and easier to work with.  I also highly recommend The Bread Builders by Wing and Scott.  It is a slightly older book but gives details that the Alan Scott plans do not.

These ovens are possible to build even if you are not a mason.  They are not that hard.  They do take time and thought.  And they are well worth the effort.  I hope this helps.


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Awesome thanks! I'm almost done and other than a few details the book is good enough!

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No problem.