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Wheat Bread:Question for Peter Reinhart

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Wheat Bread:Question for Peter Reinhart

Making the 100% whole wheat bread recipe from Crust and Crumb is an all day task. I would like to make this a two day process rather than doing it in one day. Is it possible to retard the sponge overnight in the refrigerator? If so, what do I need to do?



E. Wilson


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I've had good luck refrigerating just about any type of preferment, including various sourdough or yeasted varieties. My normal approach would be to refrigerate the preferment roughly an hour before I would normally consider the preferment to be ready, then remove it from the refrigerator to warm up about an hour before it would go into a final dough.


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Thanks Bill. I am making the sponge this morning and will try your method. It makes sense to me.