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electrolux dlx grain mill attachment

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electrolux dlx grain mill attachment

Does anybody have one?  I'm thinking of getting one--because it would take up less room and be cheaper than a stand-alone grain mill--but can't seem to find any reviews or particulars about it.  The main thing I'm interested in, I guess, is whether it can do a coatrse, cracked-wheat grind.

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I just came across your question from a while ago on my search for a review of the product.  I finally blew up my whisper mill after ten years of owning it--bummer!  Overloaded it without thinking.  Anyway...don't have $200 or more to spend right now on a mill, but used mine all the time.  Noticed the DLX had an attachment.  Have heard, though, that, say, the champion juicer grain mill attachment heats the flour so much that it kills a bunch of the nutrients I'm trying to keep in there.  Did you end up buying this attachment?  If so, do you like it?  Does it provide for your needs and hopefully NOT heat up the flour too much?  Thanks so much for your reply. 

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When I was doing mill research, I looked at the KA and DLX attachments, and it didn't seem like they were made to do large quantities according to users. I ended up going with a Retsel.