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Most versatile loaf pan?

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Most versatile loaf pan?

I am new to the exciting world of baking breads and I wanted to know what size and type of material for a loaf pan is the most versatile for a beginner bread baker. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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YOUR NEW!!!! GREAT!!! so nice to have you aboard . there are a few things to keep in mind ,If I may If possible, bake two loves. cost is the same heat the oven flour mixing ect. U cant eat it all, be good to a friend!! UU can even make 2 diff kinds ... I like 2 reg size loaf of bred pans glass ceramic or dark color tin. the dark metal pans brown the loaf nicely, believe it or not. & thay are good for 1000 loves each, & will not break if dropped.HOWEVER! I bake one in a pan & the other I lay on the pizza preheated stone in the hot oven .please ! the oven 450 for 5 min when u put the loavesin . then turn down to 375 or whatever. dont forget to wash loaves & put seeds on. read what the guys & girls do here their very good & interesting Im sure we are all looking foward to hearing from u in the near future good luck have fun lets here from u hotbred! in case u , anyway pre heat oven at 450 put bread in when hot, 5 min later turn down to temp u need. your bred is done when its 200 degrees internal temp w a needle thermometer.

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Thank you for the nice warm welcome and the positive reinforcement! It is nice to know that people like you will take time to share their knowledge of artisan baking with others.

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My absolute favorite pans are the Norpro, followed by Chicago Metallic. I used to have glass pans and absolutely hated them! Others have different ovens and probably different experiences, but I was not impressed. They seemed to bake a very thick, tough crust. As far as the clay pans, I have heard they are good, but have not tried them, myself. I do bake on a pizza stone and like the crust that produces, so imagine it wouldn't be too much different, though the pizza stone is already hot when you put the bread on it.

Good luck in your quest!


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where I live in SW France the local bakers often bake and sell their special bread(multigrain,lardon bread etc)in thin wooden containers with silicon paper inserts.(

I get my friends to save to wooden baskets,make parchment inserts and bake malted bread etc. This tends to give a softer loaf as the wooden seems to prevent hard crusts on the side.
Also as they are normally for a pound loaf it is handy to do several to pass amongst friends. make great presents and NO washing up

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Interesting site, thanks. qahtan

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lenny B

 Im new to the world of baking bread, im learning something new all the time.  I read with great intrest about (oven spring) the extra rise the loaf gets when put in the oven. I have never had that happen , most of my rises stop after I remove it from the bowel. How do you make it rise better?. Also from just reading the blog of others, a towel rolled up to shape rye bread is the way to go . Im afraid to move a loaf of raw dough after it has risen, how about a suggestion ?. Thanks.