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Spinach and feta cheese bread

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March 12, 2008 - 9:53pm -- jleung

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This bread goes very well with soups and helps makes a great tomato-mayo sandwich.

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Submitted by Oh no not me on

I'm new to this forum and nearly new to baking bread. I know almost nothing about the bread process. I just bought a bread machine on Craigslist and want to make a whole wheat spinach bread. Here's a recipe I found that seems like it would be delish, but there's no spinach in it. So, I have some questions. I've read how to prepare spinach -- cook it and drain and then puree. I also would like to add a little garlic to that mixture, cooked with the spinach. I would like to use nearly no sweetener because I avoid sugar everytime I can. Could I substitute Truvia for the honey? Or, will it ruin the bread or taste terrible without any sweetener? Can I substitute olive oil for the butter? And if use "butter" can I use margarine instead? I try to be as vegan as possible. So, can you guide me on these issues? Oh, and what would be an appropriate amt of spinach to use?