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Multi-grain Struan

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Multi-grain Struan

I have made Peter Rhinehart's Multi-grain Struan free standing loaf many times and find that no matter what I proof it in, it spreads out in baking and ends up about 3 inches high.

 I am using spelt instead of whole wheat flour.......could that be the problem? Spelt and ww flour have always seemed to interchange okay for me before this particular bread.

The taste is great, by the way, and I plan to keep making it but would like the form to be more pleasing. Thanks from ahbread

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staff of life

Give the dough a few stretch and folds.  It sounds like it might be too weak.  Another problem might be overproofing; if it has a coarse texture, it might be overproofed.  I'm not very familiar with the spelt doughs, but these tips should be helpful for any whole grain.


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Mike Avery

While Spelt is wheat, it has a weaker gluten than modern wheat.


It needs to be handled gently and not over kneaded. Be gentle with it.