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yeast water bread

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March 9, 2008 - 3:04pm -- Mini Oven

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Submitted by Trishinomaha on

Technique and Recipe?

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Submitted by bakerb on did it, what do you think?...isn't it do you describe the taste?  I think it's different from other breads, even sourdough...

Take care!   Beth

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Submitted by Mini Oven on

It being a white bread. No real yeasty taste. Reminds me of improved wonderbread both in flavour and softness. I wanted to know what the real taste is, if any; and build a recipe from there. I've eaten half the loaf already and my dog begs for bites. The colour really throws me off, wonder where it came from? I would do this again and it is fun to know that it is possible. It is also a natural way to colour bread. Did I read somewhere purple and pink?

The 4th day wheat starter made using the yeast water was bitter in taste, I saved a scant spoonfull and fed again. It rose along side the 180g starter for this recipe.

Recipe? It is mentioned in the blog and the thread on Yeast water: 80g yeast water & 100g flour -- let stand overnite (preferment). Then add the ripe preferment to 100g water and 200g flour, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp brown sugar and mix. Let stand 20 minutes and knead 10 min. Let double (this could take awhile). pat down and shape by multiple folding and allow to proof on parchment paper. I baked inside a glass casserole 35 min. 220°c cold oven w/ convection. Last 5 minutes lid removed.

I'm toasting it for breakfast.

Mini O

 kiwi peels, kumquat, sliced date, honey

3 day old yeast water: kiwi peels, kumquat, sliced date, honey