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New gal makes good! Local Breads, attempt #2

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New gal makes good! Local Breads, attempt #2

Hi guys, I just wanted to express my elation that my stiff dough levain is alive! For those of you who have been coaching me with my sad attempts at the wet levain, you will be proud. Apparently the stiff dough is not as picky as the wet one about room temp or maybe it knew that I can only handle so much failure. But by day 5 it is ready for completion. I forget who suggested naming living sourdough starters, I thought that that was a fine idea and I named it Miguel - after Ina's friend on the Barefoot Contessa. (He is always so helpful, as this levain should be)

In the mean time, I successfully made the Auvergne Crown (Local Breads) with pate fermente as I was in a hurry to make an artisan loaf. Hubby said it was the most beautiful loaf of bread that he has ever seen, but he is morally obligated to make such utterances. The crust and crumb were great but I could tell that it was missing the slighly tart taste of a wild yeast starter. Next time.

Thanks again, I am so glad I found you.


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This is a delightful bread. It was my first sourdough bread from this book. My first one came out delicious but the shape was only so-so. My second one came out much better: 

The Auvergne CrownThe Auvergne Crown

 I have to "warn" you, though, that this bread is not at all sour. It has a very nice complex flavor, but it is on the nutty and wheaty side, not the sour side. It's delicious. It goes very very well with soup. 

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