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Tunneling in Multigrain Loaf

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Tunneling in Multigrain Loaf

I have multigrain loaf with a large amount of hot soaked grain that continues to tunnel, lately more and more often.  At first I thought it was due to undermixing, so I added 2 min to mixing time, but then it goes too far and the flax and bulgur start to tear. In process of elimination, I started folding more (instead of mixing), increasing to 4 folds, from 2 and increased the bulk ferm. time by 50%.  Then I thought it was over proofing, so I decreased the proofing time and started proofing on the covered rack instead of in the proofer, but it still continues to tunnel.  The formula yields a fairly stiff dough, but the ultimate product has a very soft crumb with a thick crust-- it's my best seller so I hate to get rid of it.  This is my only loaf that tunnels, talk about frustrating.  Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated?

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could you post the formula and  mixing and baking procedure as complete as possible along with pictures of crust and crumb

mixer type water temp and shop temp

any recent changes when the problem started flour type and brand yeast brand and anything elce you can think of that would help solve this.

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4# organic grain mix (komplet but I cut it with 20% oats by weight)

13 # boiling water, well water

Cools to ambient temperature


10# galahad (KA)

5# whole wheat white (KA)

24 oz honey

1/2 cup salt

1.5 oz SAF red yeast

1# butter

Planetary mixer, spiral hook 8-10 min mix time.  Add butter 2-3 min mix time.  Bulk 1 hour, 2 folds.  2#5oz in 5x9 loaf pan, proofs on covered rack usually comes up 3/4-1" above rim.  425 degrees w/7 seconds steam for 10 min. 350 degrees 40-45 min.  205 internal temp, if not, it gets stuck through the slicer.  Very stiff dough with an unusually soft crumb. Our mixer is new, but same size/brand/hook. If it mixes for too long it obviously starts to tear, too long bulk ferm. time and the grains start to leach into the dough.  I have a picture but I can not seem to upload it.

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would realy like to see the crumb to see whats going on with this

are you machine molding or hand?

 floyd maybe you should move this to advanced? 


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Just a thought. The amount of fat is over 5% and sweetener is almost 8%. That's a rich dough that I think would suffer damage easily. Have you changed your butter brand?

One other thing, how do you do the hot soak process?