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Is it OK to melt the butter in the scalded milk?

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Is it OK to melt the butter in the scalded milk?


I would appreciate some advice on a sweet dough recipe I make. Since the recipe uses whole milk, I like to scald it and cool it before mixing with the flour. Many days I also seem to forget to get my butter out to come to room temp.

Over the last several times I've made the dough, I have been adding the cold butter right from the fridge into the hot milk to cool the milk fast.

I can't really say that I have seen a decline in the quality of my product, but was wondering what those with more experience might think.


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and haven't noted any problems.   While the milk is warm/hot, I also like to add my sugar.  It dissolves well.  I also beat my eggs into the mixture after I finger test it to be sure it is not going to set the eggs.  Next comes my flour, and last, the yeast-water.   

Happy baking to you!

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Mini Oven

just like GrapevineTX.   Great minds run in the same channels.  :)

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