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I've only been making bread for about a year as a hobby, but I'm interested, possibly in apprenticing at a bread bakery. I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me what it's like and whether they even hire people who want to learn but have little experience? Is it usually a min. wage job? Does it usually imply long-term work or can you work in a bakery for just 6 mo. to a yr?  I live in Western Mass. near Northampton and I'm about to graduate college, so if anyone out there is near me and knows of bakers I might apply to that would be helpful too!  

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apprenticing program through the was a two year program if i remember but that was back in the late 60s through the 70s .

but the openings at that time very limited

baking is hard work and it takes time and money for an employer to train some one from the ground up.  you will have to work nights weekends and forget about being home for hollidays incliding thanksgiving and christmas.

it is a far cry from baking at home to lifting 100 pound bags of flour and even heaver bowls of dough and washing large mixing kettels and hundreds of trays which is whear the untrained end up starting most of the time.

if after hearing all this you still want to go for it the link is to the bakers  afl-cio whitch would be a good place to contact they should be able to direct you to local shops and how to get in to the apprentice program if it is still available