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How do you keep homemade bread?

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How do you keep homemade bread?

My live-in lover and I have been making bread like crazy and we ju speed test st keep our finished loaves in large ziploc bags to keep them fresh. It works, but I just want to know if there's a better/less wasteful/more attractive way of keepin showbox g homemade bread. usps tracking

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Funny you should mention that. Breadmaking at times involves too much plastic of the single use variety and I am trying to reduce the use of it. I just started to reuse and repurpose these plastic bins that salad greens come in. So far it seems to work as well as, if not better than a bread sack. You could peel off the stickers if you wanted a more attractive bread box.


bread box

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Edo Bread

We have been using these for years. I think they are awesome

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Clean tea towel inside a plastic bag. I've heard good things about wax-impregnated wraps, but have not actually tried them.

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When I bake a (large ) loaf half is stored on the kitchen counter in a flax-cloth bread bag, and the other half goes into the freezer wrapped in cling-wrap and then placed in a zip-lock bag.  Once defrosted this bread also goes into the bread bag.

The bread bag keeps bread (almost) fresh for about a week.  Bread tastes just fine especially if toasted.

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Bread obsessed

What kind of cloth bags do you all use?  I've tried some linen bags bought on Amazon, but my loaves get stale quickly.  I bought a bread box, but in it they get mouldy (maybe too airtight?)

For now I save/reuse any commercial bread bags, but my goal is to stop buying commercial breads, so that won't work long.

I read someone uses 2 linen bags one over another, will try that next.