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Seen on the PSU campus

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Seen on the PSU campus

I was walking across the Portland State University campus last week and I noticed this:

brick oven

During the summer, the farmers market happens here. I gather someone must bake during the market. Neat.


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I love the foundation!

I wonder it that's a true Kiko Denzer oven--he's from Oregon (Corvallis I think?).

I've thought it would be cool to combine an oven with a community gardens project in our area...maybe someday.


Thanks for sharing :) 



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Yeah, Kiko is in the area. I don't know if it is his... I'll have to go down to the Farmers Market and ask someone this year.

nbicomputers's picture

Why the lock on the door?  Do they think sombody is goine to steal it.

or maybe a masked baker wiill come in the dead of night.

Floydm's picture

He he... Given that it is in the middle of a college campus, I suspect it is more likely they don't want to have to sweep broken beer bottles out every Saturday morning.

dstroy's picture

haha - I love the image of ninja bakers!