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Sourdough bread with cooked mixed rice

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Sourdough bread with cooked mixed rice

I had cooked white rice and mixed (black and brown) rice in hand so I decided to add in using an adapted brown rice porridge bread recipe from the book, Chad Robertson's Tartine Book No. 3.

The ingredients are:

Spelt flour 50%

Whole wheat flour 50%

Water 85%

Leaven 15%

Sea salt 2.5%

Cooked mixed rice 70%

30 min autolyse, 4 hour bulk fermentation (4 sets of stretch and fold), cold-proof in the fridge for about 18 hours.

Preheat 480F, then bake at 450F in a dutch oven for 20 mins with a lid, 20 mins without a lid.

I love the crust. So crisp and not too thick. I wish I could reproduce this kind of crust every time I bake!

Crumb was moist and chewy. Unlike other porridge breads such as oatmeal or corn porridge bread, the crumb was not so soft and velvety. It rather resembles that of cracked wheat porridge bread I've baked. 

The aroma of the spelt flour seems to overpower other ingredients. I wonder what it would be like if I used just wheat flour as in the original recipe.

Overall, it was a very scrumptious & aromatic experiment. Porridge breads never disappoint :)


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Angelica Nelson

Wild guess - it may be a quicker bulk ferment if you used wheat flour instead of spelt, particularly if you use white wheat flour.  Very nice results.  Was the leaven made with whole wheat?

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wheat flour and spelt flour can affect the bulk fermentation differently! will have to see. The leaven was 50% AP and 50% WW. Hope this helps :)