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For sale: Artisanal diving arm mixer Kemper F75

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For sale: Artisanal diving arm mixer Kemper F75


Kemper is in Europe well known as the Rolls-Royce of bakery mixing machines.


This diving arm mixer is standing at my home in Belgium.


I could sell it here locally, but I'm also willing to ship it anyware in the world. Including of course, the US.
 (Chad Robertson, considered the best artisanal baker of the US travelled all the way to Europe to find a mixer exactly like this), 


I have a small micro bakery myself (organic sourdough) but have a few other diving arm mixers, so this one is one too much :)


This kind of diving arm mixer is considered by many bakers as even better than the Artofex types, and especially more convenient.


The price is €3800 (or USD4150), but of course it has to be shipped... I have to search how much it will cost, but a quick search tells me it's going to be around $1600 for the US. Maybe less if I really do an effort to find a safe and cheap way. Which I'm very willing to do. I have shipped things on a pallet before in Europe, but not to other parts of the world. So if you can help me in finding a way to keep the price of the shipping as low as possible, that of course is in your own interest.


The mixer is in a good condition. The only defects are from a aesthetical perspective. Some chipped paint here and there, not too much. Both arm and bowl are fully in stainless steel. That's not very often the case with this kind of mixers.


It's on 3 heavy duty wheels (2 in the back, 1 in the front), which makes it very manouverable. It rides very easily.


I have yet to replace the timer. It's still working, but it looks horrible :) That's something I have to do in the next few days.


It has two speeds and shuts off automatically when opening the guard.


For around $200 extra I make sure the mixer works on the US power net. But it's probably cheaper if you do it there in the US itself.


If someone might be interested, I will send you detailed pictures from every corner of the machine, and detailed movies of him working. It might also be a good idea to connect on Facebook I guess, so you can see who I am.


I can also give you advice on how to use this machine in making artisanal (or regular bread).


About the minimum amount of dough;

Officially this should knead a minimal amount of 22kg and a maximum amount of 75kg of flour.

From my own experience, I know this has a wider range, depending of the hydratation and kind of flour used. I know a baker in The Netherlands who mixes 1kg of wheat dough in a mixer half this size. Also the maximum amount can be easily much higher.


The machine weighs 500kg.


A similar mixer (altough mine is smaller in size) can be seen in action on the youtube movies with the following name:

- Fervere Bakery -- Zen and the Art of Bread Making

- Early Hours - Michael Chèze Productions


 A video of the mixer sold can be seen here;