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Advice needed... my first 'no-knead' experience...

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Advice needed... my first 'no-knead' experience...

Hi Guys,


I am new to this site though not new to baking by any means.  Have been making my own loaves for several years but now want to give this 'no-knead' technique a go.  Does anyone have a simple basic recipe for a first-timer?  Any tips on how to go about baking my first 'no-knead' loaf?


Many thanks,



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Thanks for that.  I think I'll be trying the second recipe as I don't have a suitable cast iron pan (all of mine are oval shaped!) 

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Dan, check out Breadtopia where Eric has videos on the original No Knead bread and the newer Almost No Knead bread. Very helpful to actually see how to handle the very wet dough. Good luck, A.

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Oval shaped will work just fine if they are large enough.  Some people even prefer these.