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Now I find the way here

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Now I find the way here

I foolishly jumped on an auction on ebay.  Just a few minutes until a real brotform's listing would expire, so in a fervor, I bought the thing for ten bucks.


When the beauty arrived, it was about three times the size of a normal brotform.  It's 15 inches wide, 12 inches tall, and covered with shellac.


My fellow bakers don't think it is a brotform.  It was suggested that it might be a fuit basket.  I suggest it's an antique, from the cook's hall in the French Foreign Legion.  But in honesty, I don't have a clue whether it is an old brotform or something else entirely.


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Brotforms typically are oval willow baskets used by German bakers as opposed to the round willow baskets (bannetons) used by the French bakers.  The brotform typically has a willow sides that connet to an oval wooden bottom where sometimes they carve an indentation of shafts of wheat so the top of the loaf will have (after baking) a relief of a shaft of wheat on the top of the loaf.  King Arthur (I think) sells them, check their website to see what they look like or google brotform.  Sounds like you got eine sehr grosse brotform.