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My First Sourdough Loaves + Recipe.

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My First Sourdough Loaves + Recipe.

Here's the result of my first sourdough bake. It's 80% hydration, 5% Wholemeal Rye, 15% Wholemeal Wheat and 80% Baker's Flour. The loaves are 800g each and were cooked in a Lodge Combo. 

I can't tell you how nice it tasted. It was as good as the best sourdough I've ever bought and probably better. Chewy - great crust. Tender. Oh man... I'm so excited about it.

Here are some preparation notes:


1. Started at 8am. Mixed Dough with whisk. Form ball. Used all ingredients including salt and starter.,

2. Let sit for 45 minutes 

3. Stretch and fold at 30 minute intervals for two hours.

4. Covered and put in the fridge until 10pm. 

5. Pulled out dough on floured bench. Did stretch and fold

6. Covered the dough waited 30 minutes. 

7. Floured top of dough Flipped dough and stretch and fold. 

8, Then spun dough doing tension drags to form ball.

9. Put upside down in rice floured Bannetons which were inside stainless bowls covered with gladwrap. Left overnight in fridge.

10. 6 am pulled out first Banneton, 7am pulled out second


11. proved dough for 6hrs. Then baked. Took a long time to rise. Didn’t seem that high in the banneton but had risen.

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Nice looking loaves.   Once you get used to the taste of home baker sourdough,  having bread from the store can taste like cotton candy or twinkies 

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Nice! Now how to shoehorn some work into time when you could be baking bread. :-)


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Only joined up yesterday and though I have been making bread, not sourdough, so this is very helpful!!

Looks superb