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Red Star Sourdough Yeast

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old baker

Red Star Sourdough Yeast

Several weeks ago I asked if there were any dry commercial SD yeasts available.  Red Star popped up and after unsuccessful attempts to locate it in my area, I ordered a free sample from RS.  I made a batch following the instructions, which are fairly simple.  The results were less than desirable, at least for me. 

Mixing the yeast with water (step 1) produced the most vile odor I can remember.  The dough didn't smell much better.  After baking, the bread had a decent crust but of an odd color, sorta like gray/brown.  The crumb was dense.  My wife thought it tasted a bit sour, but I couldn't detect it.  Overall, not a very good loaf in my opinion.  I can't recommend it, but your mileage may vary.

Thanks to Red Star for sending the sample.

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I have not read where anyone thought it was good. Mother Nature wins again...

Thanks for the report, Old Baker.

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Far as I understand, what gives sourdough its flavor is the bacteria cultures, not the yeast -- you use wild yeast just because it's tough enough to handle an acidic environment.

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old baker

I think the RS SD product contains both yeast for rising and bacteria to give the bread a sour flavor.  The only place I have found it is on Amazon.  It's a dry granular product that makes one batch of dough (two baguettes).  But at almost $4/packet, it's too pricey for me.  My limited success with SD bread resulted from a starter that Dan Ayo generously sent me.  I've nursed it along to the point where it worked well.

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I was in Germany last month and looking through the breadmaking aisle in a supermarket (as you do!), I spied a liquid sourdough product. It comprised 2 plastic pouches in a pack, maybe 200ml in total.

I think it said it was enough for 1kg of flour, but you had to add yeast as well, so I reckon it was probably a "dead" culture designed to impart a sourdough flavour, without any leavening ability.

On that basis, I gave it a miss!