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First time making puff pastry

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First time making puff pastry

Hi everybody! I have been thinking of trying to make puff pastry for a while, but I have some doubts about the process.

  1. Type of flour My first question is about the flour used in the détrempe. Some recipes suggest a strong flou

  2. r, some a mix of 00 flour and manitoba and other a weak flour. I found different opinions and reasons about the use of each flour, so I'm quite lost.

  3. Butter in the détrempe and flour in the butter I knew the détrempe was made with just cold water, flour and salt, but some reci mobdro

  4. pes add melted butter into it. Do I have to add butter to the détrempe or not? And finally, do I need to add flour to room temperature butter before putting it in the détrempe?

I know these are a lot of questions, but I'm quite intimidated eheh. Thanks in advance!

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1. I wouldn't use cake flour, because you need a certain amount of strength in the dough. So I would recommend AP or a semi-strong bread flour (or a mix). I made them once and used standard AP with 12% protein, worked great.

2. Usually the détemptre is slightly sweet, yeasted dough. The dough I used had a little butter in it, but really just like 5% or so.
About the flour in the butter I don't know. I guess it's easier to handle that way later, but it's certainly not necessary. I used only butter and it was fine.