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Mountain ranges on my bread crust

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Mountain ranges on my bread crust

Sooo... every now and then I get these weird bubbles in the top crust of my sandwich bread, where the crumb underneath is separated. They look like mountain ranges, or bubble tunnels, and I’m not sure what causes them. They only happen now and then. But I figured I’d ask if anyone’s seen this before. 

In this particular instance, I decreased the proofing time by 10 minutes as an experiment. So maybe that was the cause? I also thought maybe I’d just not shaped them as well as I should have? Or maybe they rose in too warm a place, or the crust got dried out? 

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Mini Oven

Have you got a crumb shot of a slice of bread from the loaf?  A little about the recipe and method may help us.


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I know this kind of crust/skin from burnt cheesecakes (not really burned, it's just called like that). Maybe there is too much protein or fat in your dough?
And I also guess the oven was too hot, so it had a quick oven spring but the crust set before the crumb underneath had enough strength to hold itself up.