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A class with Peter Reinhart

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A class with Peter Reinhart

Hi all,

Today I had the pleasure (together with Susan, Sue, and Kurt) to attend a class given by Peter Reinhart in San Diego. It was a great class in which we learnt how to make some breads from Peter's new book.

Since I have Peter's new book, I already knew a lot of what he was presenting. Still, I got to taste and see some breads I would not have otherwise made; I got to meet Peter Reinhart; and I got to taste some properly made breads.

We all had a great time, and I strongly recommend this workshop. In case you cannot attend, or are undecided, or simply curious, I wrote a lengthy description of the class on my blog with many pictures. I wrote it quickly, so it may not be very elaborately written, and probably has typos and grammatical mistakes studded all over, so I apologize about those in advance. I hope you enjoy my detailed description (and please feel free to ask some questions lest I haven't answered something).


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Boaz - I"d love to see your pictures but the link seems to be broken...



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I think the problem was an extra "/" that I removed. This could be a bug in this site's software. Try again. 


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I had taken PR's class on WGB also, but a month earlier in Nashville and enjoyed it immensely. Like bshuval I wouldn't have tried some of these recipes on my own if I hadn't tasted them. I especially liked the spent grain bread -- maybe it's the beer aroma? I agree that this class is to be recommended. I've been gradually going through some of the recipes - the crackers are delicious!     Anet  
P.S. to bshuval/Boaz - the blog with pictures is great.  

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nice blog, pics and review. I really enjoyed reading about your experience. Nice that you guys could all meet up again and go as a group!