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Few recent bakes with lots of whole grains

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Few recent bakes with lots of whole grains

Been a while since last blog, bread flour hasn't been on sale for a while, So I've been baking breads with more hearty whole grains😊 

Toasted steel cut oat, rosemary and 4 grain combo:

This one is bomb, the rosemary really complements the sweet oats. As always, I prefer steel cut oats rather than rolled oats.

Next one is Date sweeten rye chocolate sourdough, with cranberries, peanut butter and peanut butter chips!!

I've got a huge box of deglet nour dates so I decided to blend in a whole 100g of dates with water to make this dough, you can see the red hue coming through. Super chocolatey, fruity and peanuty, it's a real treat.

Last one is today's breakfast seeded spelt bread:

This is specifically made and sliced to go with the avocados we got during the weekend


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I wouldn't have thought of the chocolate + date combo in bread - that's terrific! Doesn't get much better than that. 

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Your bakes look wonderful.