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Buckwheat starter?

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Buckwheat starter?


I've been able to keep a rye flour stater alive(for a little while!), and I was wondering if I could use buckwheat flower to start and feed a starter.  For some reason, we bought a couple pounds of buckwheat and now we can't use it up! 

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Buckwheat makes great pancakes  - a different but good and interesting flavor.

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Beth Hensperger in hte Bread Machine Book has recipes for Buckwheat -Orange Bread,

I tried it and it was great. Also Buckwheat-Millet Bread. There is a recipe for Buckwheat

Sourdough but it uses a white flour starter . 



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staff of life

he has a recipe for buckwheat batards, using a buckwheat starter.  I think it also has additional buckwheat flour in the formula.  I might also try using it when making a whole grain bread, or a seeded something or other.


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Thanks for the buckwheat ideas and tips! 

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I love buckwheat bread.

Of course you can feed starter with buckwheat flour. You will get earthy flavour. In fact taste is so intense that you shall not put much further buckwheat flour in dough.

Dan Leades has a great recepie in his book. It uses liquid starter (or any starter you like), convert it to stiff buckwheat starter, and it makes great loaf.

The only thing I would add to Eric Kayser recepie is a zest of an organic grown orange. Orange zest goes well with buckwheat flour.

By the way, recepie for stiff buckwheat starter is off in Dan book.