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Smoky Chili Tomato Sourdough

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Smoky Chili Tomato Sourdough

I used the Smoky Chili Sourdough recipe from Sarah Owens, but added 2 tbsp tomato paste and 180g of chocolate stout to replace some of the water content. The dough was great to work with. I got a bit distracted trying to work 2 recipes at once so I ended up shaping earlier than I had intended. I usually put the loaves right in the fridge after shaping, but because the bulk was on the short side I left the dough out for about 45 minutes before putting it in the fridge. Great oven spring although my attempts at new scoring methods were funky. This was my first time using T85 flour for 80% of the loaf and resulted in a denser crumb. 

These loaves were 75% hydration and 80% high-extraction T85 flour and 20% whole wheat. 


Day 18:30 AMMix levain and let sit for 6-8 hours (30g starter, 60g water, 85g bread flour)  
 2:30 PMAutolyse  
 3:00 PMMix 4 min autolyse, levain, chili, honey  
 3:45 PMMix 4 min adding salt  
 4:20 PMStart Coil Fold on counter  
 5:00 PMLamination on counter  
 5:30 PMCoil fold 2x 30 min apart  
 6:15 PMPre-Shape loosely  
 6:30 PMshape & leave on counter for 1 hour  
 7:20 PMInto fridge  
Day 26:45 AMBake  


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They look beautiful and rustic.  I can’t wait to see the crumb and colour inside.


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The crumb is a bit disappointing, but the flavor is really terrific and it will make a great sandwich bread.