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Summer Loaf, Monkeys, and Bats

Summer Loaf, Monkeys, and Bats

Summer Loaf 2005 is coming up in Portland, Oregon on August 6th. It is usually great fun for bakers. I will definitely go and post lots of pics here.

Anyone live near Providence, Rhode Island, looking for a job as an artisan baker?

The Travel Channel is starting a new show with Anthony Bourdain next Monday. I saw an advance copy of the show and it is quite good. He travels around Paris and visits a lot of food related locations, including a Boulangerie. It is worth watching, if you have cable.

One thing I can say about my home baked bread: it doesn't always come out perfect, but at least it is 100% rodent free.

Everyone likes Cinnamon Raisin Bread, even monkeys.

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