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Looking to improve my bread baking skills

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Looking to improve my bread baking skills

I've always loved to bake...cookies, cake, bread...whatever calls for flour I wanna make it.  Recently I've been paying closer attention to the bread we eat.  Noticing the texture, the taste, the feel of the dough.  Our local grocery sells great Italian the price of $4.99 per loaf.  Can't quite let myself continue to pay it.  So I'm off and running....gonna make my own.

Today I have some dough for Italian Crusty Bread in the machine....gonna bake it in 2 oval loaves on my baking stone.  Can't wait to taste it....


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While I've baked many things in the last 30 yrs.  I would say that bread is the most satisfying.  I bake 300 +/- loaves a year, consistantly for many a year.  We'll have to meet and I'd be glad to pass on any info you need.

Mike from Clare 


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