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Hello From Southeast Texas

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Hello From Southeast Texas

Hmmm, introductions...

I'll be as brief as possible.  I am a Jewish girl born in Chicago and have lived in Texas for 24 years.  Love it here and consider Texas now "home".  I suppose I should after that long???  I joined a small group of Jewish friends about 10 years ago and I was soon elected to be the official Challah baker.  I never really did much bread baking but, my father tells me that I hail from a long line of career bakers--water & flour run through my veins.  Great-Grandparents owned a bakery in Poland and Grandfather was a career baker (45 years) in St. Louis.

I'll come hang out here when I'm not busy with life, work, ect.

: )

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Welcome to TFL. 

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Your intro sure builds an interesting anticipation of recipes to come!


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Ruth Redburn

   Hi aunt mimi,  Where in texas are you.  I will be in Victoria in a couple of weeks.  Your intro was interesting.  I am a Jewish woman who couldn't imagine what it would be like living for many years in texas.        Ruth Redburn

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It's pretty much like anywhere else in the U.S.  Just ask Willie Nelson.