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Sun dried tomato, kale pesto, and seed sourdough

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Sun dried tomato, kale pesto, and seed sourdough



This was my attempt at a 77% hydration sun dried tomato, kale pesto, and seed sourdough using 25% whole wheat flour. It was 100 degrees outside and about 85 in my apartment, so I tried to make sure that I didn't over do the proof time. I ended up doing 4 hours for the levain and 3.75 hours for the bulk ferment followed by a 12 hour overnight proof. 

I used 171g of 80% hydration levain that was 50/50 bread and wheat flours.I made sure to keep the pre-ferment flour inoculation low because of the heat. 

I did a 4 hour autolyse with 636g bread flour, 50g rye, and 170g whole wheat and 655 grams of 50 degree water at the same time as the levain build. I added 18g of salt when I made the final dough. 

I mixed in 1 cup sun dried tomato, 50g sunflower seeds, and 50g pumpkin seeds during my second set for 40 slap and folds. (I did two sets of 40 slap and folds and 4 stretch and folds). I added my 1 cup of homemade kale pesto during the last (4th stretch and fold).

I did a pre-shape and final shape 15 minutes later (was scared to do the full 30 minutes because it was so hot in my kitchen). This dough felt really great and easy to work with, but then one of the two loaves kind of fell apart during the shaping process because all of the pesto started to fall out of the bottom. I ended up baking this one leaf seam-side up. It definitely didn't get the same rise during the bake as if it had been shaped properly.

The bread tastes good, but I am not sure the pesto really comes through. I don't think I'll be adding pesto to bread again. This bread was also a bit more sour than my prior loaves because I did a 3-stage levain build. 



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looking loaves...and must have tasted amazing! A sun-dried tomato loaf is on my do list....Kat

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I was looking through your posts and you bake the most gorgeous breads! I love the idea of putting seeds on the outside of the loaf - I'll need to try and copy that idea. 

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I love sundried tomatoes in everything! Nice loaves!