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Hello from Houston

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Hello from Houston

Hello Everyone!

I've been baking bread every week since college (and I am turning 62 in another 2 weeks.) with a couple of years hiatus every now and then.

I'm currently in love with this sourdough multigrain seeded sandwich loaf pictured above.

I caged the original recipe from some long forgotten source, the sourdough starter (I was assured) came from the California Gold Rush, and I always use wheat bran as my "bench flour" which add some nice color to the crust.

This one got away from me, and I learned two things from that:

1. My oven does not cook evenly
2. Don't forget to drop the temp from 500 to 375 as soon as you put the bread in. Otherwise the crust goes black. As you can see below.

Sourdough Sandwich Bread

But the bread is really quite delicious. Happy to share the recipe if anyone is interested. (Heck, you can find it here.Delicious Sourdough Sandwich Bread

For full disclosure, I also roast my own coffee, ferment my own sauerkraut, and milk my own cows. (OK, that last one is not true. I just like putting things in threes)

I've already learned things on this forum. Thank all of you very much.

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I, too, have put bread in the oven, went off to do something else and then had a spasm of realization: "Ack! The bread!" Rushed back to find the bread OK sometimes, too dark at other times (I am an inveterate multitasker.). I am sure that your bread still came out great.