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Sourdough with 30% Khorasan, 20% Einkorn, 82% 💦

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Sourdough with 30% Khorasan, 20% Einkorn, 82% 💦

After baking a lot with 50% Einkorn, I felt like I needed to get back to some dough that could hold a little more structure. Einkorn is VERY sticky and hard to work with, so this was sort of a break from that phase.

I'm using AP, but contemplating switching to bread flour in the future for the white flour portion of my doughs. All in all, looks great, tastes better :)


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Your bread is beautiful  I think you are smart to start using Bread flour.  I've never used Einkorn but even w Kamut, I use bread flower.  Helps to hold shape I think.


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Thanks, Hester! Yes, we'll see about the bread flour. Need to source a reliable brand that's not prohibitively expensive.

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Your crumb looks great.  The Khorasan added a nice yellow color and I'm sure some nutty flavor.  If you use bread flour instead of AP you may get some additional gluten strength if that is desirable.