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just hi

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just hi

Hi guys, just wanted to wish you all a good day...I'm in hospital right now so I don't have much access to neither computers nor  a kitchen but I love to follow the discussions here when the computer is free.

so, again, a great day to all of you, sanni 

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Mini Oven

your visit to the hospital is a short one.  Nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread.  Hope you're back baking soon!  I'll be rooting for you! 

Mini O

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Yes, baking bread in the kitchen is 100% better than being in the hospital.  I hope you're back home soom.


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Hope it's not too serious and that you're back home soon, immersed in your bread baking.

Hang in there,


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Don't think of it as time in the hospital, think of it as your own personal time to autolyse!


Best Wishes for a quick recovery!

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it really meant a lot to i'm starting to get better but can't bake on my own i read all your blogs and pretend it's me who's baking! thanks, sanni

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i have been there too many times best wishes I hope the food is ok every time i was in the food was the worst.

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