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17% Spelt Sourdough

17% Spelt Sourdough

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Tandem Tails


I just bought some spelt flour and wanted to try incorporating it in larger quantities in my bread baking.  In this batch I used spelt for about 17% of the total flour.

The spelt gives it a really nice flavor that reminds me a lot of using whole wheat flour.  I want to try doubling this percentage next time to see what happens.

Full recipe and instructions here:


small loaves
Prep time
Cooking time52 minutes
Total time52 minutes


527 g
216 g
levain (100% hydration, 20% ww, 80% bread flour)
21 g
sea salt



  • Mixed the levain at 9:00am
  • started autolyse at 4:30pm
  • mixed in levain and salt at 5pm
  • 4 stretch and folds over first 4 hours of bulk
  • bulk fermented at room temp (~70'F) overnight
  • Started proofing at 6:35am
  • Preheated oven at 9am
  • Into oven at 9:45am


These made great loaves of bread for toast and garlic bread.  Like I said above, I'll be using spelt flour again but at higher percentages to see how the flavor carries through.


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This is a beautiful loaf, nice crumb as well !!