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Stout beer + Oatmeal

Stout beer + Oatmeal

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Tandem Tails


I made this bread using only stout beer instead of water.  It turned out smelling and tasting great.  The flavor of the roasted and chocolate malts carry through extremely well and the bread itself smells like a brewery (in a good way).

The full recipe and instructions can be found here:


Prep time6 hours, 30 minutes
Cooking time52 minutes
Total time7 hours, 22 minutes


390 g
stout beer (@ 92'F)
75 g
quick oats ((soaked in 75g stout for 30 minutes))
11 g
sea salt
2 g
bakers yeast


I performed a 30 minute autolyse with the beer and flour.  During this time, I also soaked the quick oats in equal parts stout beer.

After the autolyse I mixed the oats, salt and yeast and performed 4 stretch and folds over the course of 90 minutes.  I let the bread bulk ferment at around 70'F for 5 hours.

When the bread had doubled in size, I shaped and let it proof in a banneton for about 45 minutes.

I scored with a lame and baked in a dutch oven at 475'F for 38 minutes covered and then 14 minutes uncovered.


I'm still figuring out scoring with a lame and don't think I got it quite deep enough.  This meant the steam couldn't properly vent and I ended up with a bread that was a little on the moister side, but not gluey.  Next time i'll probably cut down on the hydration slightly or just make sure I score it better.