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Sourdough Turmeric Bread

Sourdough Turmeric Bread

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The spice turmeric is a known anti-inflammatory that imparts a subtle flavoring and a lovely yellow coloring to this bread. Due to its soft interior and crust, this bread works very well as everyday sandwich bread.



SourceWill Falzon AKA The Pie KIng
Prep time1 hour
Cooking time40 minutes
Total time1 hour, 40 minutes


22 g
Ripe Starter (@ 100% Hydration)
25 g
Bread Floor
12 1⁄2 g
Whole wheat flour
12 1⁄2 g
Spelt flour
50 g
137 1⁄2 g
Whole wheat flour
137 1⁄2 g
Spelt flour
400 g
12 g
6 g
diastatic malt powder
5 g


  •  Mix the levain (first five ingredients) and allow to ferment until very active about 12 Hrs



  • Mix the final dough, bread flour with 200 G of the water just until all the flour is wet

  • Rest untouched for 1 hr.


Final dough


  •   Mix together the bread flour mixture and levain with the rest of the final dough ingredients until well incorporated and a shaggy wet dough forms. Use wet hands to prevent sticking.

  • Rest untouched at warm room temperature (72F) for 1 hr.

  • Gently perform 1 set of stretch and folds every thirty minutes for the next two hours

  • Finish the bulk ferment untouched for one more hour.

  • Pre-shape the dough into a tight ball. Rest on the counter covered for 20 Minutes.

  • Being careful not to overly degas the dough, shape into a boule or a small batard .

  • Place the shaped bread into a banneton seam side up.

  • Cold ferment covered for 12 hrs, or overnight

  • Bake for 20 min. covered at 500F

  • Lower the temperature to 450F and bake for 10 Min.

  • Remove the cover and bake for 10 more minutes or until golden brown, with an internal temperature of 190F.