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Sourdough N.Y. Style Pizza

Sourdough N.Y. Style Pizza

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This is my tested formula for 1 16" N.Y. Style pizza skin. It can be cold retarded for up to 72 hrs, or fermented at room temperature from 10-12 hrs. (72F).  


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8 Slices
Prep time20 minutes
Cooking time10 minutes
Total time30 minutes


52 g
Levin ( (15% of Total) Ripe @ 100% Hydration )
290 g
King Athur Bread Flour (90%)
26 g
King Athur Whole Wheat Flour (5%)
26 g
Spelt flour (5%)
207 g
water (67% (contains 26G Levin water))



The skin should be stretched/tossed NY style to 16" The aprox. 599G dough disk makes a thin NY style pie. . I found it to be easy to work with after proper fermentation.