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Sourdough N.Y. Style Pizza

Sourdough N.Y. Style Pizza

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This is my tested formula for 1 16" N.Y. Style pizza skin. It can be cold retarded for up to 72 hrs, or fermented at room temperature from 6-10 hrs. (72F).  


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8 Slices
Prep time20 minutes
Cooking time10 minutes
Total time30 minutes


52 g
Levin ( (15% of Total) Ripe @ 100% Hydration )
292 g
King Athur Bread Flour (90%)
16 g
King Athur Whole Wheat Flour (5%)
16 g
Spelt flour (5%)
209 g
water (67% 209 water + 26G Levin water= Total 235G)
7 g
salt (2%)
3 g
diastatic malt powder (1%)
2 g
Sugar (.5%)
3 g
oil (1%)



  1. In your mixer bowl(or by hand) dissolve the Starter in all but 25G of the water

  2. Mix in the flours until well hydrated

  3. Allow to fermentolyse for 1hr

  4. Mix in the remaining 25G of water, salt, malt, oil and sugar until well combined

  5. Beat or knead by hand for 10 to 12 minutes the dough will be sticky and elastic. If kneading by hand use slightly wet hands and avoid adding more flour

  6. Oil your hands and a tray.

  7. Shape into A tight ball

  8. Cold ferment in the refrigerator for 24hr – 72 Hrs. Remove to warm up to room temp 2hr. Before use, or you can ferment at room temp. for 6-10hrs.



The skin should be stretched/tossed NY style to 16" The approx. 599G dough disk makes a thin NY style pie. . I found it to be easy to work with after proper fermentation.