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Free Bread-Baking Classes by King Arthur Flour

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Free Bread-Baking Classes by King Arthur Flour

Hi Bakers and Bread Lovers! This is Allison at King Arthur Flour. I just wanted to let you know about the free traveling bread-baking classes we're bringing to the Pacific Northwest this week (2/20-2/23) and to Kansas and Oklahoma in a couple of weeks (3/12-3/15). Each two-hour demonstration -- Yeast Breads: Sweet & Whole-Grain, and Crusty Artisan Breads -- features information about ingredients, mixing, kneading, shaping techniques, baking, and incorporating whole grains into homemade breads, and we also have some great samples and prizes for everyone who attends. Whether you're a beginner, a professional, or somewhere in between, I think you'll learn something new in the classes - I know I always do! If you'd like more information, all the details are available at We hope we'll see some of you in the crowds this week and in March! And thanks for the vibrant discussion of all things bread! I love tuning in from time to time to see what people are getting excited about. Enjoy your baking adventures!

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Hi Allison,

Thank you for posting this. Yes, we were talking about the Portland classes just the other day. I think a bunch of us are going to try to make it.

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Any thoughts on if King Arthur will come to the midwest area? I've checked occasionally in the past and haven't seen anything posted. if not...why not?


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Hi Cyrus,

We'll be in Kansas and Oklahoma next month. We were in Iowa and Nebraska last year, and in the last few years we've visited Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, lots of states on the coasts. So we're getting around! We offer classes October-March, so check our Web site during the fall/winter for our updated schedules. I'll also remember to start posting the schedules here!

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Hi Allison,

 Will the classes ever come to Central Florida?


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I'm sure they will! We were just in the Miami area at the beginning of the month. I don't have the power to decide where we'll head next, but I'll certainly pass along all of these ideas to those who do make the decisions! Thanks!

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King Arthur classes are partly responsible for my baking obsession!!  I have attended 2 in Madison, WI in the past few years and they are wonderful.  King Arthur has great products and is very helpful over the internet.  The classes were short enough to play hooky from work for a couple of hours but also covered lots of great info.

Thanks King Arthur!

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I have been looking forward to the Artisan class on Feb. 20th in Bellevue, WA! It would be wonderful to see if anyone else from this online community is going to attend. Also, if someone has already gone to one of these classes, could you please share your experience? 

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I expect to go to both Friday classes this week. If there is anything to report, I will.