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Naturally leavened white Maltese bread. The Will Falzon method

Naturally leavened white Maltese bread. The Will Falzon method

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This is the traditional lightly enriched crusty Maltese bread with a full light crumb to sop up sauces.


12 Slices
Prep time
Cooking time
Total time


198 g
Ripe Sourdough starter (100% Hydration)
501 g
A/P Flour
303 g
water (At room temp)
9 3⁄5 g
Kosher Salt
15 g
15 g
1 T
Whole milk


Step 1. Mix all of the ripe starter with 100g of the flour and 100g of the water. Allow to rest at 72-74 degrees F. until the doubled starter is at or just passed peak. The timing will depend of the vigor of your sourdough culture. (Mine took 4 hrs.)

Step 2. Add 200g of the flour and 200g of the water to the build, mix well making sure all the flour is incorporated. Allow to rest at 72-74 degrees F.  until the doubled starter is at or just passed peak.

Step 3. The final dough. Add the 3 remaining grams of water the milk to the cooed melted butter. then add the mixture into the build. Now incorporate the salt and sugar into the build making sure to combine well. Now add in the remaining 201g of flour. combine well. dump the very wet slack dough onto a lightly oiled or wet work surface. Using lightly oiled or wet hands slap and fold the dough until it begins to hold its shape. It will still be very slack at this point.


Place the slack dough into a lightly oiled bowl and allow to bulk ferment until doubled in volume and passes the poke test. Preform 1 set of stretch and folds once every hour during the ferment to help build strength. (mine took three hours to bulk ferment. Now carfully pour the dough out on to a work surface and pre-shape into a round ball or oval. allow to rest for 15-30 min. on the work surface seam side up covered with oiled plastic. Form the dough into its final shape and proof  for 1hr. in a brotoform or free form. bake 30 min. at 475 degrees F. with a steam source for the first few min. Remove to a cooling rack and cool for at least 2hrs. before slicing.