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Ciabatta - first attempt with BBA

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Ciabatta - first attempt with BBA

My first loaves! I used the poolish version from BBA. They didn't brown too well but tasted goooooood. The crumb also needs work, even though I increased the hydration per the threads I saw on this site. I also added a bit of white rye flour.

My husband and I were amazed we could make something that tasted this good. I can't wait to make more and improve my skills. My sous chef, er, husband was jealous that he couldn't take credit, because I tend to not let him help :) Bread baking is too fun!


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Hi, Anna. 

Welcome to The Fresh Loaf! If those ciabattas are your first attempt at bread baking, you should be very proud! The color is just right for this particular bread. As you say, the crumb could be more open, but give yourself a break! 

I can tell you're hooked and will be struggling (as we all do) to make better and better loaves. Well, stick around. Read. Ask questions. Keep sharing your experience and photos. The learning curve takes off like a rocket! Well ... With the little victory dances so many of us do when our breads come out well, maybe the learning curve is more like a rockette.


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Welcome Anna,

I am new to this site and tried ciabatta a few weeks ago, it didn't look nearly as good as yours!!  Isn't this website exciting, I don't want to go to work, instead try all of the new recipes and suggestions on this site!

Thanks for sharing your photo and excitement!


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Hi Anna,


They look great.

BBA is certainly a very good guide and your results are great.